Is It Over Yet?

I was born in the Midwest and I love the weather there. You experience all four seasons and I love that. In Texas summer seems to go on forever. Summer is my least favorite season of the year. I know, I’m in a minority as most people love summer, even in Texas. The number one reason I dislike summer so much is because I am a very hot blooded person. I overheat faster and tolerate being in the sun less than most people. Even as a teenager I did not enjoy laying out in the sun trying to get a tan.

rainy days

As I’ve gotten older I sometimes forget how intolerant I am of the sun and heat because I don’t usually get out during the day in the summer, and when I do I limit my time outside. I prefer to stay indoors in the air conditioning.

HATE SUNSHINEI had a friend staying with me last week from Oklahoma. The whole week she was here we were on the go and going out in the heat every day. After several days of that I noticed that my feet and ankles started swelling at night. This is new and different I thought. At night they would return to normal and by the next evening they were swollen again. I wore sandals or flip flops every day she was here and while we were out shopping my feet would be red and hot!

Texas heat2

After 7 days together she returned home. It wasn’t until then that I realized what a toll being in the heat had taken on me. I had a headache which lasted over 36 hours so it started upsetting my stomach as well. I had absolutely no energy to do anything. I just felt like I wanted to stay indoors and hibernate until cold weather! Well that isn’t practical since I’m in Texas and cold weather could wait until November or December to arrive. So when I ask, “Is It Over Yet,” I mean summer and I hope you understand why now.

dont touch my fan

I’ve been living in Texas for 19 years and I cannot believe it. When we moved here I honestly never thought we would be here this long. I like Texas, but I don’t like the weather. More and more lately I am longing to move north. Would like to live near family again before we leave this earth.

No Winter in Texas

Showing Man He is Small

Nothing like a hurricane to show man how small he is. Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast as a category 4. That is a large and dangerous hurricane, and apparently one that big has not hit the Texas coast since 1961.

Hurricane Harvey

We live 3 hours from the gulf coast. I would not want to live any closer than that. Honestly I would prefer to live further north altogether. There is a lot to love about Texas but I am just more of a northern girl.

When I see storms like this it makes me think of how man gets full of himself and thinks he is invincible and nothing can stop him. ┬áMan is sometimes so smart and creative and does amazing things throughout the world, but sometimes he gets full of himself and thinks he doesn’t need anyone or anything to help him, including God. When a man is extremely intelligent, rich or powerful he does not see his need for God in his life. He forgets that his talents come from God, or perhaps he is unaware. It makes me think of the Tower of Babel. Man was full of himself then as well and thought there was nothing he could not do, including building a tower to heaven. God put a stop to that and put man back in his place.


There are many theories out there on what is to blame for the extreme weather on earth. One theory blames man because of the chemtrails they spray trying to “control” the weather. I hope this is not true, but considering how much man likes to control things (aka play God) I guess I wouldn’t be too surprised. Another theory is that God is sending them to get our attention and draw us to Him. This would not surprise me either, especially considering how divided we seem to be lately.


On a positive note, when there is a disaster like this people come together in unity. They help one another without regard to skin color or political affiliation. This is when mankind shows his best side. If only this behavior would last longer and not take a disaster to make it happen.

Let me encourage you to go out of your way to be nice to people, lend a helping hand where needed, or just say something positive and encouraging to someone. If everyone would practice random acts of kindness the world would be a better place. It can be contagious so spread it everywhere!

If you are interested in giving towards Hurricane Harvey relief here are two good organizations.


Samaritan’s Purse

World Vision

Spelling Gone Amok

We moved to Austin, Texas in the late 1990’s, and two years ago moved just 7 miles north to Pflugerville. When I tell people the name of our new city they always ask me to repeat it. It is a nice little town with a strange name, but in many ways it reminds me of where I grew up in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Pflugerville is north of Austin and south of Round Rock. You can buy t-shirts and hats that say “Pflugerville, between a rock and a weird place.” I love that! For those that don’t know, Austin has a slogan of Keep Austin Weird. Round Rock is named for a large round rock in Brushy Creek that once marked a low water wagon crossing for Indians and early settlers.

“Pflugerville was founded in 1860 when William Bohls established a general store and post office in his residence, and named the town in honor of Henry Pfluger. Mr. Pfluger first arrived in the area in 1849, leaving his German homeland to escape the Prussian War.” When you learn this bit of the history the name doesn’t seem as strange. Actually it still does a bit, but it does explain why there is an annual Deutschen Pfest since Mr. Pfluger came here from Germany.

Some of the locals like to capitalize on the Pflugerville name, like the Deutschen Pfest mentioned above. The fun doesn’t stop there though. There is a list of events and businesses that like to use the “Pf” in the spelling. Here are a few I found, but I’m sure I didn’t get them all.

Pflugerville Pflag

  • Pflugerville Pflag – Pflugerville Newspaper
  • Pfarmers Market
  • Pfinesse Salon & Spa
  • Mr. Pfranks Hot Dog Shop
  • Pfun Cars – Used Car Sales
  • Dolpfin Laserwash Car Wash
  • Pfamily Tree Assisted Living
  • Pflutto’s Tavern (at the edge of Pflugerville & Hutto)
  • The Pfield – New ISD Stadium
  • Pfloating Movie Nights at the Pool
  • Pfall Chili Pfest
  • Pfall Pfestival
  • – website of Pflugerville attractions, dining, hotels and happenings
  • Pfind it here – the search on the website

The Pfield

Some people think it is overkill but I think it gives the town quirkiness. I like quirkiness! My daughter said I should use it in my blog name. I’m not sure about that, unless we come up with a good one that I like! Does your town have any quirks or oddities that you know of?

Pfirecracker Pfestival at the Pfield