Is It Over Yet?

I was born in the Midwest and I love the weather there. You experience all four seasons and I love that. In Texas summer seems to go on forever. Summer is my least favorite season of the year. I know, I’m in a minority as most people love summer, even in Texas. The number one reason I dislike summer so much is because I am a very hot blooded person. I overheat faster and tolerate being in the sun less than most people. Even as a teenager I did not enjoy laying out in the sun trying to get a tan.

rainy days

As I’ve gotten older I sometimes forget how intolerant I am of the sun and heat because I don’t usually get out during the day in the summer, and when I do I limit my time outside. I prefer to stay indoors in the air conditioning.

HATE SUNSHINEI had a friend staying with me last week from Oklahoma. The whole week she was here we were on the go and going out in the heat every day. After several days of that I noticed that my feet and ankles started swelling at night. This is new and different I thought. At night they would return to normal and by the next evening they were swollen again. I wore sandals or flip flops every day she was here and while we were out shopping my feet would be red and hot!

Texas heat2

After 7 days together she returned home. It wasn’t until then that I realized what a toll being in the heat had taken on me. I had a headache which lasted over 36 hours so it started upsetting my stomach as well. I had absolutely no energy to do anything. I just felt like I wanted to stay indoors and hibernate until cold weather! Well that isn’t practical since I’m in Texas and cold weather could wait until November or December to arrive. So when I ask, “Is It Over Yet,” I mean summer and I hope you understand why now.

dont touch my fan

I’ve been living in Texas for 19 years and I cannot believe it. When we moved here I honestly never thought we would be here this long. I like Texas, but I don’t like the weather. More and more lately I am longing to move north. Would like to live near family again before we leave this earth.

No Winter in Texas

Where to Retire.

My husband and I talk about where we want to retire but we cannot seem to agree on a location. We have lived in Texas now for 19 years and we hate the weather here. Summer has never been my favorite season as I am a very hot-blooded person. Even growing up I remember not liking it as much as my friends. Most girls loved laying out at the pool to get a suntan, but I hated it. The sun made me too hot and I usually ended up feeling sick. I grew up in the Midwest and I like the weather there. You get all four seasons and none of them stay around too long. In Texas summer lasts way too long for me. My perfect weather would be 30-70 degrees year-round, which is why it is shocking that we have stayed in Texas so long.


I have never been to Oregon or Washington State but based on what I have been told by friends and family who have lived there it sounds like the place for me as far as weather goes. My husband wants to retire in Alaska. Did you just repeat that like, ALASKA? That is my reaction. I would love to visit Alaska but have no desire to live there. He watches Alaskan Bush People and some other show about Alaska on TV and envies their lifestyle. Apparently he forgot who he married because that is not the lifestyle I desire at all. I am not a city girl but I am not a country girl either. Living in the suburbs is good for me, not living off-grid. The only way I would want to live like that is if it was a necessity. I like having things somewhat nearby and not having to drive 45-60 minutes to get anywhere.

I’m not sure how we will resolve this debate between us when the time comes, but hopefully God will work it out and open up a door that we can both be happy with. Maybe we won’t have to worry about it at all and the rapture will occur before retirement. God has been faithful so I will put my trust in Him.

winter home