Spiritual Battle in Washington

When I watched the State of the Union Address I was impressed. I am continually amazed at the kind of President Donald Trump has become. He was not my first choice for President in 2016 but he is proving that he means what he says and he truly seems to want what is best for America.

While watching the SOTU and noticing the Democrats who would not stand or even clap, even on issues they support, I was struck by what a spiritual battle this is. Of course most of us know this is a spiritual battle but when watching two sides in one room like that it was like watching the battle live.

How else can you describe how the majority of Democrats would not even clap when the President talked about immigration and the deal he made with them on DACA? As the President stated neither side got exactly what they wanted but both sides had to give a little for the good of the country. Yet when you watch the Democrats while he talked about this you would think that he said he is deporting them all tomorrow.

When the President talked about tax reform and how it is helping small businesses and workers, and more businesses investing in America many Democrats stayed seated and couldn’t be bothered to clap. Do they really love America? Do they really want what is best for America?

The Democrats did not even looked pleased when he talked about how the unemployment rates are historically lower among blacks and hispanics.

President Trump supports the military, veterans, small businesses, protecting religious liberty, protecting the unborn, better healthcare, legal immigration, putting Americans first, fair trade, lower prescription drugs and more. The more the President talked about positive, bipartisan goals the more uncomfortable the Democrats looked. It’s as if their dislike of this man being President is more important to them than doing what is best for the American people.

How can there be so much hate towards him when he wants what is best for our country? Because this is a spiritual battle that’s how. It may be too late for most of the Democrats in Washington but we need to pray that the people who vote Democrat will open their eyes and see the truth.

Friends in High Places?

I’m sure we all have friends in low places. You know the type, the ones who take more from you than they give. Sometimes it is good to help out a friend who has hit bottom and try to lead them back to where they need to be, but we¬†all need friends in high places. Those friends who are always there to pray for us, give an encouraging word or even tell us the truth no matter how difficult it is are the ones we need to keep in our lives long term.


Recently I got to spend time with a couple of these friends in high places. I have a handful of these friends, some are local and some are out of state. We find a way to keep in touch with one another. It takes effort but it is always worth it! Being with these friends recharges your battery and lifts your spirits. We all have busy lives, and it is good to take time out for ourselves away from our regular routines.


One of my friends is in Oklahoma and she came to stay with me in Texas for a whole week. We got to share some needed girl time together with lots of shopping included. It was great for both of us. We have been friends for 26 years, and she was one of the brides maids in my wedding.

Another good friend I spent time with recently lives in Texas but is about 45 minutes away and we do not get to see each other as much as we would like. We went to see Chonda Pierce live and it was so much fun! We arrived early as the seats were general admission so we had lots of time to talk and catch up. We have been friends for 18 years. We actually met in Dairy Queen and I believe it was God who brought us together. She introduced herself, we hit it off and kept in touch from that moment on.


I am so thankful for these friends and others. They pray for me and encourage me. They care about me and my family. These are friends I can share both good times and bad.


There was a time when I alienated a lot of people in my life. About 10 years ago we went through a very difficult time with one of our children. Something happened to her health that changed our lives forever. No one really understood what we were going through, and I didn’t like talking about it because I was living it every day, so I kind of shut myself off from everyone except my mom. I stopped answering my phone because I didn’t want to talk to people. I didn’t want to answer their questions so it was easier to just ignore the phone.

I kept in minimal touch with close friends but thankfully these friends stood by me and understood, as much as they could, that I was going through a difficult time in my life. After several years of this I realized that I needed more and couldn’t live like that long term. I needed to hang out with friends again, to get away for a few hours and laugh until I cried or pee’d my pants! I needed a break from the daily grind of my life. We all need this from time to time. Sometimes we need a complete getaway like a vacation, but sometimes all we need is a good friend to spend time with, share and laugh with.

friends best friends

I treasure these friends and hope that I give to them as much as they give to me.

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