I’m taking a risk here by talking about this, but I have thoughts and they need to come out. I’m not trying to start an argument or even a debate, but I welcome comments. Please keep it civil or your comments will be removed. Thank you in advance.

Thank you meme

I have never been a racist. Now I know what some of you are thinking, that is exactly what a racist would say, but it’s true. I have always believed that we are all created equal by God.

I grew up in the Midwest in mostly white towns and neighborhoods, but I always made friends with minorities. I didn’t view them as different, but I was aware that many people did and that made me feel sorry for them and want to be nice to them even more. I wanted them to realize that not all white people are like that.

When I moved out on my own and started working in the city I had a lot of coworkers and bosses who were minorities. I even dated a couple of black guys who were also coworkers. When I started going to church in my mid 20’s it was probably about 3/4 white and 1/4 minorities.

Now I live in Texas and have for many years and am exposed to a lot of minorities. Churches we have gone to here are usually about 50/50 when it comes to whites and minorities. I have had several black friends but none that I’ve been super close to or would call my best friends. I say all of this to show you what my experience is with minorities, mostly black people.

It seems to me that people have become more and more divided over the past decade. Not only that but more and more black people are protesting and crying racism. Some were not even wanting to celebrate Independence Day because they said they are ashamed of their country. Really? Are things truly that bad? This is hard for me to understand. It seems to me that things have gotten better over the last 50 years.

As a white woman I would just like to explain how I see things. I see more and more men and women of color getting modeling and acting jobs, becoming Mayors, Governors, Congressman and Senators, high paid athletes, CEO’s, business owners, college professors and more.

So when I see people like Jada Pinkett Smith complaining about not enough blacks on the Oscar nominations I have a hard time taking that seriously. There are black actors who have gotten nominated numerous times and won awards as well; Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Jamie Foxx, James Earl Jones, Don Cheadle and Idris Elba to name a few.

Could there be more people of color getting nominations? Of course, but there are a lot of white actors who have never won awards as well. You don’t see them protesting.  There are A LOT of actors, but only so many can be nominated and even fewer win. I think Jada was fighting the wrong fight. Maybe not enough black actors get the roles they deserve. But I have to be honest here, I don’t think her husband is a very good actor. He’s okay but not that impressive. The list of names above are all better actors than Wil Smith. Just sayin.

And what about the take a knee protest? This also seems like nonsense to me. We honor the flag for those who fight for our freedoms and what this country stands for. So in my opinion when you take a knee you are not honoring those who fought for your freedoms in America. Is this country perfect? Of course not, but perhaps these people who think it is so terrible here should visit other countries and see if they still feel the same way.

Why do so many protests by minorities turn violent? When violence is added to a protest it is no longer a protest but a riot. Do they really think this will help their cause? It only makes them look bad and most people no longer want to hear anything they have to say. They lose their credibility when they incite violence.

There have been stories in the media about cops mistreating blacks and I am sure that some of this goes on, but sometimes what I see is black people who show no respect for police officers. Some argue and yell at police and then wonder why the cops get violent with them. Put yourself in their shoes. They don’t know if you have a weapon and what is in your head. If you are showing anger towards them then you might try to harm them. They have to try to stop things from getting worse. They are there to serve and protect so they should be shown respect instead of argued with and yelled at.

peace begins in my heart

I am not saying that I am right or wrong but just sharing my point of view, as a white person. I think many white people see what I see and we do not understand all of the protesting.

Proverbs 31 Woman, Say What???

I don’t know what you think when you read Proverbs 31 in the Bible, but my first thought is wow, I fall very short of this woman, and not just because I’m only 5’2″. Then I read over the versus again and realize that I do many of these things or something similar in this modern age.

However, verse 26 says “She opens her mouth in skillful and godly Wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindess [giving counsel and instruction].” I am a pretty nice person but I can also be not so nice and dare I say ugly. So when I read chapter 31 this is how I picture myself.

delicate feminie flower

I have a tendency to be a very direct person. Sometimes this hurts people, including those closest to me. My husband is completely opposite of this and so is one of my daughters, so I try to find a happy medium and use more tact when talking to people who may get hurt by my words.


My youngest daughter is a very quiet introvert, like her father. My oldest daughter is like me, and we are not quiet people. We are loud and animated, and somewhere between introvert and extrovert. My youngest daughter has been through a lot as a child and has clung to me tightly. Together we have been through a lot of struggles. She wrote me this poem several years back and it makes me sound like a Proverbs 31 woman. The first line makes me laugh out loud because I do not see myself like this at all, but the poem makes me happy and proud of her and me.

“A gentle woman, full of peace,
A soothing love that will not cease.
Her love is comfort to my soul;
To pay it back, an impossible goal.
Time again through the years,
She’s been there to wipe away my tears.
In all life’s pitfalls lying ahead,
I’lll follow the path that she has led. 
She is the person I’d love to be,
Hope her beliefs and morals are seen through me.
Thank you, Mah, for all you’ve done;
You’ve given a world with hope to someone.”


Like most things in the Bible we will not always hit the mark right away but we have to keep striving to be our best, for our families, for ourselves, for our Lord. So even though I may sometimes sound like Xena the Warrior, I will continue to strive for the balance between her and that gentle woman full of peace.