A YUGE change for me

I am beginning a new adventure, actually a new lifestyle change. I am tired of being overweight and craving sugar all the time so I am going on the Ketogenic Diet. Ninety percent of my life I have been skinny and able to lose weight easily. Now that I am in my 50’s it seems to be much more difficult. The fact that I do not have the desire to workout as much as I used to does not help either.

Exercise with JEsus


My doctor recommended this diet to me about 6 months ago. She told me to try it for 6 weeks to reset my system and said that I would no longer crave sugar and carbs. At the time I didn’t know if I was ready for such a drastic diet change. Give up coke and bread and dessert?


Six months passed and I had not lost any weight so I decided to go for it. I am ready and feeling determined. I went to the bookstore to buy a book or two on the diet and discovered that a doctor I have followed for years online wrote a book about this diet! That was a confirmation to me that I am doing the right thing. So of course I bought his book and another book which is mostly a cookbook.

Diet books

I started the diet on Friday so I just finished my third day. The first two days were rough because I felt pretty bad (carb withdrawal I’m sure), but day three was much better and I felt like myself again.

Diets have never been my thing. When I needed to lose weight I would just cut back on carbs and sugar and I would lose the weight. The closer I got to age 50 the more I noticed a change in my body, that dreaded slowing down of the metabolism. Sadly, my motivation to keep working out faithfully was slowing down right along with my metabolism. I was beginning to feel like Carbie.


This diet journey will not always be easy but if I start losing weight and feeling better that will motivate me to keep going. It is time to take better care of myself and not just go on a six week diet, but make a lifestyle change for a better, healthier and hopefully longer life.

Give it to God