Spiritual Battle in Washington

When I watched the State of the Union Address I was impressed. I am continually amazed at the kind of President Donald Trump has become. He was not my first choice for President in 2016 but he is proving that he means what he says and he truly seems to want what is best for America.

While watching the SOTU and noticing the Democrats who would not stand or even clap, even on issues they support, I was struck by what a spiritual battle this is. Of course most of us know this is a spiritual battle but when watching two sides in one room like that it was like watching the battle live.

How else can you describe how the majority of Democrats would not even clap when the President talked about immigration and the deal he made with them on DACA? As the President stated neither side got exactly what they wanted but both sides had to give a little for the good of the country. Yet when you watch the Democrats while he talked about this you would think that he said he is deporting them all tomorrow.

When the President talked about tax reform and how it is helping small businesses and workers, and more businesses investing in America many Democrats stayed seated and couldn’t be bothered to clap. Do they really love America? Do they really want what is best for America?

The Democrats did not even looked pleased when he talked about how the unemployment rates are historically lower among blacks and hispanics.

President Trump supports the military, veterans, small businesses, protecting religious liberty, protecting the unborn, better healthcare, legal immigration, putting Americans first, fair trade, lower prescription drugs and more. The more the President talked about positive, bipartisan goals the more uncomfortable the Democrats looked. It’s as if their dislike of this man being President is more important to them than doing what is best for the American people.

How can there be so much hate towards him when he wants what is best for our country? Because this is a spiritual battle that’s how. It may be too late for most of the Democrats in Washington but we need to pray that the people who vote Democrat will open their eyes and see the truth.


Yesterday was a rough day for me. We have been having an ant problem in our house unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. To say that I hate bugs would be the understatement of the year. So when my husband showered after work and went to put on his comfy lounge pants and t-shirt he had worn the evening before, he said they were covered in ants and he started getting bit all over because he didn’t notice the ants until he put the clothes on. He said he must have killed about 100 ants. Sometimes he exaggerates but who knows in this case. I am just glad that I was not there to witness it. I told him he needed to take the clothes outside and shake them off again because he obviously did not get all of the ants off. He found it hard to believe he had not gotten them all even though I saw two crawling on the clothes since he left them on the bathroom floor. He brings the clothes back in and proceeds to put them in his hamper. I told him to just put them in the washing machine because if he missed anything then we would have ants in our closet getting in our clothes.

The rest of the evening we kept seeing ants in our bathroom, bedroom closet and kitchen areas.  I had even seen a few in our bedroom. It was really starting to stress me out. The home should be a place of refuge and comfort, but with these ants invading it did not feel like that at all. I have been having lower back issues lately and had gotten a deep tissue massage in the afternoon so by the evening I was feeling a bit sore and tired. Add to that the ants and I was getting a headache and feeling stressed out. It is one thing to see a bug or two but this felt like an invasion and I couldn’t relax.

Men have an amazing ability to not let things like this bother them as much and he went to bed. I had told him earlier that we needed to vacuum because of the ants and he said that he would do that for me the next evening after work since I was having back issues. My inability to relax would not let me wait for that so I had to vacuum myself and risk irritating my back. It helped me to feel a little better and then I slept on the reclining loveseat. I could not sleep in our bed because of the ants and the fact that my husband’s blankets end up dragging the floor. I sleep with only a sheet most nights while he uses four blankets! Thankfully, I slept pretty well and the next day the ants were not completely gone but we only saw a few. I thanked God for the good night of rest and for protecting me, and I also told him that I know he created bugs and things that creepeth but that didn’t mean I had to like them. And I don’t like them, at all. I hate them.

God tells us not to hate our brother and I try hard to live by that, but bugs are a different story. I hate them and I think God understands that. I don’t care what ants may or may not be good for, in my mind the only good ant is a dead one.