Let There Be Light

Yesterday the hubby and I went to a movie and dinner for date night. We wanted to show our support for the new Kevin Sorbo movie, “Let There Be Light.” We made the right choice. It was a good movie and very well done.

If you are not familiar with Kevin Sorbo he played Hercules in the 90’s TV show. He also starred in “God’s Not Dead.” He plays an athiest in Let There Be Light just as he did in God’s Not Dead. He is a good actor so it is totally believable. Apparently his wife helped write the script, Kevin directed it, and they both starred in it. Sean Hannity, from Fox News, helped finance the movie and he is also in the movie briefly.

I have to be honest here, I like a good action movie. I can handle the violence, especially when it is good guys kicking the bad guys butts! I don’t care for the bad language and nudity. These aren’t even necessary to make a movie good. But I also like a good wholesome family movie that has good actors and is done well. That is exactly how I would describe Let There Be Light.

Kevin Sorbo plays a writer who is one of the biggest athiests in the country. He debates a Christian and absolutely destroys the guy by winning over the crowd with his anti-God theme. No argument is going to change this guys mind about God. He even divorced his wife over it. It takes a near death experience to get through to him.

I don’t want to give away too much in case you want to see it for yourself, but it is good, it is real, and it is powerful. So get out and see the movie in the theater. We need to support this kind of movie to show Hollywood there is a market for good, clean, family entertainment.

Search Let There Be Light at Fandango.com to see the nearest theater to you that is showing the movie. There is only one theater in my area showing it. But don’t delay as it may not stay in the theater as long as the big budget films.

If you go and see it let me know what you thought of it. I’d love to hear from you.

Let There Be Light

A YUGE change for me

I am beginning a new adventure, actually a new lifestyle change. I am tired of being overweight and craving sugar all the time so I am going on the Ketogenic Diet. Ninety percent of my life I have been skinny and able to lose weight easily. Now that I am in my 50’s it seems to be much more difficult. The fact that I do not have the desire to workout as much as I used to does not help either.

Exercise with JEsus


My doctor recommended this diet to me about 6 months ago. She told me to try it for 6 weeks to reset my system and said that I would no longer crave sugar and carbs. At the time I didn’t know if I was ready for such a drastic diet change. Give up coke and bread and dessert?


Six months passed and I had not lost any weight so I decided to go for it. I am ready and feeling determined. I went to the bookstore to buy a book or two on the diet and discovered that a doctor I have followed for years online wrote a book about this diet! That was a confirmation to me that I am doing the right thing. So of course I bought his book and another book which is mostly a cookbook.

Diet books

I started the diet on Friday so I just finished my third day. The first two days were rough because I felt pretty bad (carb withdrawal I’m sure), but day three was much better and I felt like myself again.

Diets have never been my thing. When I needed to lose weight I would just cut back on carbs and sugar and I would lose the weight. The closer I got to age 50 the more I noticed a change in my body, that dreaded slowing down of the metabolism. Sadly, my motivation to keep working out faithfully was slowing down right along with my metabolism. I was beginning to feel like Carbie.


This diet journey will not always be easy but if I start losing weight and feeling better that will motivate me to keep going. It is time to take better care of myself and not just go on a six week diet, but make a lifestyle change for a better, healthier and hopefully longer life.

Give it to God


Friends in High Places?

I’m sure we all have friends in low places. You know the type, the ones who take more from you than they give. Sometimes it is good to help out a friend who has hit bottom and try to lead them back to where they need to be, but we all need friends in high places. Those friends who are always there to pray for us, give an encouraging word or even tell us the truth no matter how difficult it is are the ones we need to keep in our lives long term.


Recently I got to spend time with a couple of these friends in high places. I have a handful of these friends, some are local and some are out of state. We find a way to keep in touch with one another. It takes effort but it is always worth it! Being with these friends recharges your battery and lifts your spirits. We all have busy lives, and it is good to take time out for ourselves away from our regular routines.


One of my friends is in Oklahoma and she came to stay with me in Texas for a whole week. We got to share some needed girl time together with lots of shopping included. It was great for both of us. We have been friends for 26 years, and she was one of the brides maids in my wedding.

Another good friend I spent time with recently lives in Texas but is about 45 minutes away and we do not get to see each other as much as we would like. We went to see Chonda Pierce live and it was so much fun! We arrived early as the seats were general admission so we had lots of time to talk and catch up. We have been friends for 18 years. We actually met in Dairy Queen and I believe it was God who brought us together. She introduced herself, we hit it off and kept in touch from that moment on.


I am so thankful for these friends and others. They pray for me and encourage me. They care about me and my family. These are friends I can share both good times and bad.


There was a time when I alienated a lot of people in my life. About 10 years ago we went through a very difficult time with one of our children. Something happened to her health that changed our lives forever. No one really understood what we were going through, and I didn’t like talking about it because I was living it every day, so I kind of shut myself off from everyone except my mom. I stopped answering my phone because I didn’t want to talk to people. I didn’t want to answer their questions so it was easier to just ignore the phone.

I kept in minimal touch with close friends but thankfully these friends stood by me and understood, as much as they could, that I was going through a difficult time in my life. After several years of this I realized that I needed more and couldn’t live like that long term. I needed to hang out with friends again, to get away for a few hours and laugh until I cried or pee’d my pants! I needed a break from the daily grind of my life. We all need this from time to time. Sometimes we need a complete getaway like a vacation, but sometimes all we need is a good friend to spend time with, share and laugh with.

friends best friends

I treasure these friends and hope that I give to them as much as they give to me.

Friends (2)

Showing Man He is Small

Nothing like a hurricane to show man how small he is. Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast as a category 4. That is a large and dangerous hurricane, and apparently one that big has not hit the Texas coast since 1961.

Hurricane Harvey

We live 3 hours from the gulf coast. I would not want to live any closer than that. Honestly I would prefer to live further north altogether. There is a lot to love about Texas but I am just more of a northern girl.

When I see storms like this it makes me think of how man gets full of himself and thinks he is invincible and nothing can stop him.  Man is sometimes so smart and creative and does amazing things throughout the world, but sometimes he gets full of himself and thinks he doesn’t need anyone or anything to help him, including God. When a man is extremely intelligent, rich or powerful he does not see his need for God in his life. He forgets that his talents come from God, or perhaps he is unaware. It makes me think of the Tower of Babel. Man was full of himself then as well and thought there was nothing he could not do, including building a tower to heaven. God put a stop to that and put man back in his place.


There are many theories out there on what is to blame for the extreme weather on earth. One theory blames man because of the chemtrails they spray trying to “control” the weather. I hope this is not true, but considering how much man likes to control things (aka play God) I guess I wouldn’t be too surprised. Another theory is that God is sending them to get our attention and draw us to Him. This would not surprise me either, especially considering how divided we seem to be lately.


On a positive note, when there is a disaster like this people come together in unity. They help one another without regard to skin color or political affiliation. This is when mankind shows his best side. If only this behavior would last longer and not take a disaster to make it happen.

Let me encourage you to go out of your way to be nice to people, lend a helping hand where needed, or just say something positive and encouraging to someone. If everyone would practice random acts of kindness the world would be a better place. It can be contagious so spread it everywhere!

If you are interested in giving towards Hurricane Harvey relief here are two good organizations.


Samaritan’s Purse

World Vision