The Things We Do For Family

Sometimes we surprise ourselves at what we will do for those we love. Even better when we surprise our loved ones by what we will do for them.

I am not an animal lover per se, but I am not an animal hater either. I’m just one of those people who would choose¬†not to have a pet. I have two children and a husband so I do not really need one more living thing to take care of.

Five years ago we decided to get a dog for the girls. Our intention was to get it for our youngest child who has health and social issues. However, the dog immediately bonded with our older daughter. This dog was really a good fit for our family.


My girls were surprised at how I would play with the dog and take her on walks when they were too busy. I love that. They think they know me and I blow their little minds!



Last year I told my younger daughter that we should get her a dog that is hers. She couldn’t believe it. She never thought we would have even one dog and now I’m suggesting that we get another. Yeah, anyone who knows me knows that is YUGE! Again, if it were up to me I wouldn’t have a pet, but the girls are both animal lovers and I really think it will be good for my younger daughter.

So right now we are shopping for another dog. Praying that we get another one that is perfect for our family. Yes, I actually do pray about this. A pet is a big deal, especially for me, so I want one that is a good fit for us.