My Writing Journey

Growing up I didn’t read books as much as I do now. I was an average kid who played outside all the time and when it was time to come inside I was watching the television. I enjoyed writing though, although not stories so much as letters, notes, diary entries and lists. It’s too bad that someone, a parent or teacher, didn’t nurture that interest in writing at a young age. The public education system really needs to be overhauled, but that is a whole other story begging for its own blog post.

As I got older I started reading more and more, but writing less and less. Our electronic age has created a world where people do very little actual writing. However, true writers adapted quickly to this change and fell in love with their laptops. For me life got busy having children and being a stay-at-home mom. My children love reading and are both good writers as well. Now that my children are getting older I am getting that writing bug again. Actually I have had it for a couple of years now but have procrastinated on getting started.

The time seems right so I have started this blog to get me writing again. It is still new but I am excited and enjoying it so far. I am planning on just taking it one step at a time and see where this blog takes me. Who knows, I may get a new inspiration and completely change things. My goal is to write a book. I have several ideas but do not feel completely ready for that commitment so for now I will take it one step at a time, one day at a time. The task of writing a book sometimes sounds exciting and other times overwhelming, but if we wait until we feel 100% ready we will never move forward. Our goals should be big and stretch us a bit, or even a lot. I recently ate lunch at Panda Express and this was in my fortune cookie. This is a keeper.



Showing Man He is Small

Nothing like a hurricane to show man how small he is. Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast as a category 4. That is a large and dangerous hurricane, and apparently one that big has not hit the Texas coast since 1961.

Hurricane Harvey

We live 3 hours from the gulf coast. I would not want to live any closer than that. Honestly I would prefer to live further north altogether. There is a lot to love about Texas but I am just more of a northern girl.

When I see storms like this it makes me think of how man gets full of himself and thinks he is invincible and nothing can stop him.  Man is sometimes so smart and creative and does amazing things throughout the world, but sometimes he gets full of himself and thinks he doesn’t need anyone or anything to help him, including God. When a man is extremely intelligent, rich or powerful he does not see his need for God in his life. He forgets that his talents come from God, or perhaps he is unaware. It makes me think of the Tower of Babel. Man was full of himself then as well and thought there was nothing he could not do, including building a tower to heaven. God put a stop to that and put man back in his place.


There are many theories out there on what is to blame for the extreme weather on earth. One theory blames man because of the chemtrails they spray trying to “control” the weather. I hope this is not true, but considering how much man likes to control things (aka play God) I guess I wouldn’t be too surprised. Another theory is that God is sending them to get our attention and draw us to Him. This would not surprise me either, especially considering how divided we seem to be lately.


On a positive note, when there is a disaster like this people come together in unity. They help one another without regard to skin color or political affiliation. This is when mankind shows his best side. If only this behavior would last longer and not take a disaster to make it happen.

Let me encourage you to go out of your way to be nice to people, lend a helping hand where needed, or just say something positive and encouraging to someone. If everyone would practice random acts of kindness the world would be a better place. It can be contagious so spread it everywhere!

If you are interested in giving towards Hurricane Harvey relief here are two good organizations.


Samaritan’s Purse

World Vision

Laundry & Short Girl Problems

Any short girls out there? Tall girls cannot relate to this story but you might find it amusing or learn some useful information about washing machines. Let’s just say I’m barely over 5′ tall, okay? My husband on the other hand is over 6′. You get the picture? Pretty funny, right?

We have a CA King sized bed. I actually bought this when I was single because it was a deal I could not pass up. I love having a big bed, except when it comes to bedding. I am not a fan of comforters for several reasons but mostly because of washing them. When you have a CA King sized comforter it is enormous and too big to wash at home. The whole point of having a washing machine at home is so you do not have to go to a laundromat.

In the last 10 years we have gone through two front loading washing machines, and needless to say we will never buy another front loader. The last one happened just a few weeks ago while my husband was out of town, of course. I was going to wash the bedding and had just put in the mattress cover. Apparently the load got off balance, as they sometimes do, and all of a sudden I heard a loud crash. I go into the laundry room to find the machine had vibrated across the room, the door flew open during the cycle and most of the items on top of the washing machine had fallen to the floor. The large rubber seal around the door was warped so the door would not close. My back had been bothering me so I could not move the machine. Thankfully the other laundry was caught up so there was no emergency since doing laundry was coming to a screeching halt.

We went to Lowe’s because they have a lot of models in stock, and they are good to Veterans so I like them. We told the guy what happened and he was shocked at the story of what happened to our front loader. However, he did say that he does not recommend front loading machines as they do not last as long, they have issues with mold and smell, and just generally have more problems than top loaders. So we bought a new top loading machine that night, and I love it. It actually has a bedding setting and a waterproof setting which is for mattress covers. This is wonderful and I am shocked it took them this long to come up with these settings. This should help keep me from destroying the machine so quickly.

The tub in this machine is huge, which is wonderful for the bedding. The tub is 21″ deep and the machine is over 3′ tall! Remember, I am barely over 5′. So when there are socks in the bottom of that tub, I am on my tiptoes on one foot and lifting the other leg to help me reach them. My husband was cracking up when he saw me. He asked if I was shrinking! How rude! I asked him to kindly leave and told him I was fine. I get the job done. These pictures do not show the depth well enough, but you get the idea. It seems to look bigger in person.


Me standing by the machine so you can see that it comes to my waist!

shortie (2)

It stinks that we have had to buy three washing machines in 11 years but  I am thankful to have one in my home and not have to take laundry to a laundromat to get it done. Sometimes lessons are free and sometimes they cost $700 a pop. Praying this one lasts longer than the last two put together.

Spelling Gone Amok

We moved to Austin, Texas in the late 1990’s, and two years ago moved just 7 miles north to Pflugerville. When I tell people the name of our new city they always ask me to repeat it. It is a nice little town with a strange name, but in many ways it reminds me of where I grew up in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Pflugerville is north of Austin and south of Round Rock. You can buy t-shirts and hats that say “Pflugerville, between a rock and a weird place.” I love that! For those that don’t know, Austin has a slogan of Keep Austin Weird. Round Rock is named for a large round rock in Brushy Creek that once marked a low water wagon crossing for Indians and early settlers.

“Pflugerville was founded in 1860 when William Bohls established a general store and post office in his residence, and named the town in honor of Henry Pfluger. Mr. Pfluger first arrived in the area in 1849, leaving his German homeland to escape the Prussian War.” When you learn this bit of the history the name doesn’t seem as strange. Actually it still does a bit, but it does explain why there is an annual Deutschen Pfest since Mr. Pfluger came here from Germany.

Some of the locals like to capitalize on the Pflugerville name, like the Deutschen Pfest mentioned above. The fun doesn’t stop there though. There is a list of events and businesses that like to use the “Pf” in the spelling. Here are a few I found, but I’m sure I didn’t get them all.

Pflugerville Pflag

  • Pflugerville Pflag – Pflugerville Newspaper
  • Pfarmers Market
  • Pfinesse Salon & Spa
  • Mr. Pfranks Hot Dog Shop
  • Pfun Cars – Used Car Sales
  • Dolpfin Laserwash Car Wash
  • Pfamily Tree Assisted Living
  • Pflutto’s Tavern (at the edge of Pflugerville & Hutto)
  • The Pfield – New ISD Stadium
  • Pfloating Movie Nights at the Pool
  • Pfall Chili Pfest
  • Pfall Pfestival
  • – website of Pflugerville attractions, dining, hotels and happenings
  • Pfind it here – the search on the website

The Pfield

Some people think it is overkill but I think it gives the town quirkiness. I like quirkiness! My daughter said I should use it in my blog name. I’m not sure about that, unless we come up with a good one that I like! Does your town have any quirks or oddities that you know of?

Pfirecracker Pfestival at the Pfield

Where to Retire.

My husband and I talk about where we want to retire but we cannot seem to agree on a location. We have lived in Texas now for 19 years and we hate the weather here. Summer has never been my favorite season as I am a very hot-blooded person. Even growing up I remember not liking it as much as my friends. Most girls loved laying out at the pool to get a suntan, but I hated it. The sun made me too hot and I usually ended up feeling sick. I grew up in the Midwest and I like the weather there. You get all four seasons and none of them stay around too long. In Texas summer lasts way too long for me. My perfect weather would be 30-70 degrees year-round, which is why it is shocking that we have stayed in Texas so long.


I have never been to Oregon or Washington State but based on what I have been told by friends and family who have lived there it sounds like the place for me as far as weather goes. My husband wants to retire in Alaska. Did you just repeat that like, ALASKA? That is my reaction. I would love to visit Alaska but have no desire to live there. He watches Alaskan Bush People and some other show about Alaska on TV and envies their lifestyle. Apparently he forgot who he married because that is not the lifestyle I desire at all. I am not a city girl but I am not a country girl either. Living in the suburbs is good for me, not living off-grid. The only way I would want to live like that is if it was a necessity. I like having things somewhat nearby and not having to drive 45-60 minutes to get anywhere.

I’m not sure how we will resolve this debate between us when the time comes, but hopefully God will work it out and open up a door that we can both be happy with. Maybe we won’t have to worry about it at all and the rapture will occur before retirement. God has been faithful so I will put my trust in Him.

winter home


Yesterday was a rough day for me. We have been having an ant problem in our house unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. To say that I hate bugs would be the understatement of the year. So when my husband showered after work and went to put on his comfy lounge pants and t-shirt he had worn the evening before, he said they were covered in ants and he started getting bit all over because he didn’t notice the ants until he put the clothes on. He said he must have killed about 100 ants. Sometimes he exaggerates but who knows in this case. I am just glad that I was not there to witness it. I told him he needed to take the clothes outside and shake them off again because he obviously did not get all of the ants off. He found it hard to believe he had not gotten them all even though I saw two crawling on the clothes since he left them on the bathroom floor. He brings the clothes back in and proceeds to put them in his hamper. I told him to just put them in the washing machine because if he missed anything then we would have ants in our closet getting in our clothes.

The rest of the evening we kept seeing ants in our bathroom, bedroom closet and kitchen areas.  I had even seen a few in our bedroom. It was really starting to stress me out. The home should be a place of refuge and comfort, but with these ants invading it did not feel like that at all. I have been having lower back issues lately and had gotten a deep tissue massage in the afternoon so by the evening I was feeling a bit sore and tired. Add to that the ants and I was getting a headache and feeling stressed out. It is one thing to see a bug or two but this felt like an invasion and I couldn’t relax.

Men have an amazing ability to not let things like this bother them as much and he went to bed. I had told him earlier that we needed to vacuum because of the ants and he said that he would do that for me the next evening after work since I was having back issues. My inability to relax would not let me wait for that so I had to vacuum myself and risk irritating my back. It helped me to feel a little better and then I slept on the reclining loveseat. I could not sleep in our bed because of the ants and the fact that my husband’s blankets end up dragging the floor. I sleep with only a sheet most nights while he uses four blankets! Thankfully, I slept pretty well and the next day the ants were not completely gone but we only saw a few. I thanked God for the good night of rest and for protecting me, and I also told him that I know he created bugs and things that creepeth but that didn’t mean I had to like them. And I don’t like them, at all. I hate them.

God tells us not to hate our brother and I try hard to live by that, but bugs are a different story. I hate them and I think God understands that. I don’t care what ants may or may not be good for, in my mind the only good ant is a dead one.


A New Beginning

This is the post excerpt.

Why a new beginning? Because I have always enjoyed reading and writing but have not taken the time to write for many years. The last 18 years have been devoted to being a keeper at home and homeschooling my children. My oldest child has graduated high school which leaves only my youngest left to finish. This has freed up much of my time so I felt it was time to start thinking about what I want to do. I have thought about starting a blog for a few years but kept procrastinating.

I am going to start by sharing my life, things I have learned and things I enjoy, and see where this leads me. Feel free to contact me with questions or comments. Enjoy!