Where has the Motivation Gone?

I have been asking myself this question for the past year, where has the motivation gone? When I was in my 20’s I developed a passion for working out. It was part of my routine 3-4 times each week. It made me feel better, look better and sleep better, and I didn’t let anything get in the way of my exercise. I didn’t answer my phone or even the door when I was working out, as I have always worked out at home. Well there was a brief time when I first started out when I went to two different gyms but I got tired of it so I bought workout videos (yes it was VHS back then).


Some people find it difficult to stay motivated to work out at home but I didn’t. In my 20’s I worked jobs where I sat down most of the day so I knew I needed to exercise regularly because of that. This habit continued on into my 30’s. Even during my pregnancies I would exercise and after a brief rest after each baby was born I got back in to my routine. Of course there would be times I would want to skip it but for the most part I was faithful. My love for eating what I want, and not getting fat kept me motivated.

Then I entered my 40’s.


The desire was still there but waning a bit and I started doing lower impact workouts. Premenopause kicked in and my thyroid went haywire so I started putting on a few pounds. By the time I was in my mid 40’s my desire to workout was gone. I knew in my mind that I still needed it but when I was not busy I just wanted to watch TV or get on the internet. I kept exercising, but the bare minimum. It was all I could do to get in twice per week.

Now I’m in my early 50’s and not much has changed. I still have no desire to do it, but on the days I get one in I feel so much better. I get a lot of achy muscles in my neck, shoulders and back and when I exercise I feel much better. Sadly this is probably the only thing keeping me doing as little as I do.

In November last year I purchased a new workout program. It was marked down for the holidays so I bought it then and planned to start in January. Well now it is February and I have not started it yet. I am still going to and I am hoping this is just the thing to get me motivated again, something new and different.

I don’t want to fall apart in my 60’s because I let myself go in my 50’s.  I want to live a long and healthy life.

So where has the motivation I once had gone? Well, maybe it is partly the hormonal changes we women go through, and partly the influence of facebook, instagram and twitter. I think all of these social media sites are great to a degree but I also think we can get lazy because of them. We sit too long in front of our laptops or phones when we should be out taking a walk or being active.

My main goal for the year is to have more balance in my life. I want to limit my time online and be more productive and more active. How do you stay motivated and active in your life?

Motivation comes from within


Author: livinandlearninweb

I am a homeschool mom of two who is nearing the end of this stage of life and ready to see what is next for me. I enjoy writing and have a desire to do more of it.

13 thoughts on “Where has the Motivation Gone?”

  1. I too have found motivation for exercise comes and goes. Currently I am very motivated!
    The only advice I could suggest would be to schedule specific time in your day to exercise, be it a walk outside or a fitness dvd. You’re right that it is just too easy to become absorbed in the digital world, maybe set an alarm for each hour to prompt you to step away from the laptop?
    Hope you find your exercise mojo again.

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  2. Just take a brisk walk every day (not jog!), smile at and say hello to everyone you meet. Soon you will have a new group of ‘friends’, real people not social media virtuals, which will motivate you to go out. I never have understood the madness of torturing yourself on various machines, or putting yourself through various unnatural movements in a gym or at home, which are supposed to make you more ‘fit’ and happy. All they do is make a lot of money for ‘personal trainers’, gym owners, sellers of ‘fitness’ videos, etc and probably wreck you for later in life.

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    1. I had been walking almost daily because we had a dog so I would take her out even when I didn’t feel like it. My daughter moved out and took the dog with her so I haven’t been walking as much. Time to get another dog! I love taking brisks walks though. Thank you for your comments!


  3. I think maybe it’s not a lack of motivation but possibly a change that many people experience as they grow older. The focus, drive and full-on work out may not seem as important to you now as it was and maybe the key thing is to change how you keep fit and exercise as opposed to ploughing on and aiming just to keep fit and exercise.

    Exercising to look good and get the adrenaline pumping and feel good loses its appeal as we grow older but exercising for health and letting it become a more relaxed, enjoyable and social activity is one good way to kill several birds with one stone.

    Try exercise that doesn’t push you to the brink of exhaustion and you can enjoy and make a social thing as well as physically keeping yourself fit. Water aerobics / resistance is a brilliant form of exercise which allows for a complete work out and a natter and catch up with others at the same time.

    Walking either with a friend, a dog or a group is another simple but really effective way to keep fit. I can walk miles on end with my dog but would be too idle to walk across the street without them for company.

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    1. Forgot to add I know a lady in her 80’s that still enjoys a gentle hack out with her horse two or three times a week. The biggest most challenging thing for her was getting on him but I haven’t been able to get on a horse from the ground since I was in my 20yrs so it’s not something only older people struggle with. My knees are knackered and I’ve been clambering up on fences, walls and pallets nearly 20yrs so knew her struggle and made her a mounting block at just the right height so she could get up on it and then swing her leg over and get on her horse.

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  4. I absolutely love posts like this…they help me by offering insight into your consciousness.

    It’s really hard for people to put their feelings and emotions on the line for us all to read…so I thank you.

    As a soft tissue specialist…movement analyst…and elite performance coach…who runs a clinic fixing “broken people” and working with professional athletes…posts like this…allow me to become better at what I do.

    Never forget how valuable your content is to people.

    You are inspiring.

    Thanks for the time and effort it took to write this…I appreciate it.

    Keep doing you

    Have an amazing day.

    Mr Cleaver

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