Laundry & Short Girl Problems

Any short girls out there? Tall girls cannot relate to this story but you might find it amusing or learn some useful information about washing machines. Let’s just say I’m barely over 5′ tall, okay? My husband on the other hand is over 6′. You get the picture? Pretty funny, right?

We have a CA King sized bed. I actually bought this when I was single because it was a deal I could not pass up. I love having a big bed, except when it comes to bedding. I am not a fan of comforters for several reasons but mostly because of washing them. When you have a CA King sized comforter it is enormous and too big to wash at home. The whole point of having a washing machine at home is so you do not have to go to a laundromat.

In the last 10 years we have gone through two front loading washing machines, and needless to say we will never buy another front loader. The last one happened just a few weeks ago while my husband was out of town, of course. I was going to wash the bedding and had just put in the mattress cover. Apparently the load got off balance, as they sometimes do, and all of a sudden I heard a loud crash. I go into the laundry room to find the machine had vibrated across the room, the door flew open during the cycle and most of the items on top of the washing machine had fallen to the floor. The large rubber seal around the door was warped so the door would not close. My back had been bothering me so I could not move the machine. Thankfully the other laundry was caught up so there was no emergency since doing laundry was coming to a screeching halt.

We went to Lowe’s because they have a lot of models in stock, and they are good to Veterans so I like them. We told the guy what happened and he was shocked at the story of what happened to our front loader. However, he did say that he does not recommend front loading machines as they do not last as long, they have issues with mold and smell, and just generally have more problems than top loaders. So we bought a new top loading machine that night, and I love it. It actually has a bedding setting and a waterproof setting which is for mattress covers. This is wonderful and I am shocked it took them this long to come up with these settings. This should help keep me from destroying the machine so quickly.

The tub in this machine is huge, which is wonderful for the bedding. The tub is 21″ deep and the machine is over 3′ tall! Remember, I am barely over 5′. So when there are socks in the bottom of that tub, I am on my tiptoes on one foot and lifting the other leg to help me reach them. My husband was cracking up when he saw me. He asked if I was shrinking! How rude! I asked him to kindly leave and told him I was fine. I get the job done. These pictures do not show the depth well enough, but you get the idea. It seems to look bigger in person.


Me standing by the machine so you can see that it comes to my waist!

shortie (2)

It stinks that we have had to buy three washing machines in 11 years but  I am thankful to have one in my home and not have to take laundry to a laundromat to get it done. Sometimes lessons are free and sometimes they cost $700 a pop. Praying this one lasts longer than the last two put together.

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I am a homeschool mom of two who is nearing the end of this stage of life and ready to see what is next for me. I enjoy writing and have a desire to do more of it.

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