I am married to a DIY guy. He is a do-it-yourself guy all the way. Most of the time this is great. It is nice having a guy around who can fix just about anything, build something, paint, put in new flooring, etc., etc. If he can do something himself he sure ain’t gonna pay someone else to do it. Even if it is something he has never done before, if he thinks he can do it, he will.


On the flip side, he cannot bring himself to pay someone to do things he doesn’t want to do, like yard work. Neither he or I like yard work. We want a nice looking yard but we don’t want to do the work. He will not pay someone to do it for him. He feels it is a waste of money. So, our yard is never as nice as we would like it to be.


He always changed the oil in our cars. Talk about a pain in the butt! You have to recycle the oil. Thankfully, he finally started paying someone to do this, after more than 30 years of doing it himself.

Last year we bought new furniture for the family room. I found a few different end tables that I liked that would look great with the furniture we bought, but he wanted to build new tables. I gotta be honest here, when he told me that I cringed. I was picturing plain, ugly tables that I would be embarrassed by. I tried talking him out of it but he was determined so I had to back down.

The tables turned out better than I thought they would but admittedly they are still not what I wanted. I told him I liked them and let it go because it isn’t worth arguing about.

One other downside to a DIY guy is that sometimes their projects can take longer than they anticipate, or they may lose interest before they finish. This has happened a couple of times to my husband. I try to understand that he has a full-time job and these projects are in addition to that job, but when the project is a half completed deck that is sitting not getting worked on or walls that need to be finished painting inside the house, it is a struggle between your understanding and your patience let me tell you!

The upside to my DIY husband is that he has made us beautiful bookshelves and bed frames for our children which match the toy boxes my dad made them with their names on them. He has also saved us a lot of money over the years since we didn’t have to pay someone to do many of these things for us, or buy furniture at the store which is usually less quality than he can make. He has also been able to fix our washing machine, dishwasher and oven, and add a light to our coat closet. Why wouldn’t the builder put a light in there in the first place? Builders can be so aggravating, but that is a whole other story.

This is one of the bookshelves he built for our home, before he stained it. The cabinets underneath are great storage for board games.

20160318_144608 (2)

So the good has definitely outweighed the bad for DIY projects in our home. Do you have a DIY person in your home, or do you wish you did?


Ecclesiastes 3:22 – Wherefore I perceive that there is nothing better, than that a man should rejoice in his own works; for that is his portion…

Where has the Motivation Gone?

I have been asking myself this question for the past year, where has the motivation gone? When I was in my 20’s I developed a passion for working out. It was part of my routine 3-4 times each week. It made me feel better, look better and sleep better, and I didn’t let anything get in the way of my exercise. I didn’t answer my phone or even the door when I was working out, as I have always worked out at home. Well there was a brief time when I first started out when I went to two different gyms but I got tired of it so I bought workout videos (yes it was VHS back then).


Some people find it difficult to stay motivated to work out at home but I didn’t. In my 20’s I worked jobs where I sat down most of the day so I knew I needed to exercise regularly because of that. This habit continued on into my 30’s. Even during my pregnancies I would exercise and after a brief rest after each baby was born I got back in to my routine. Of course there would be times I would want to skip it but for the most part I was faithful. My love for eating what I want, and not getting fat kept me motivated.

Then I entered my 40’s.


The desire was still there but waning a bit and I started doing lower impact workouts. Premenopause kicked in and my thyroid went haywire so I started putting on a few pounds. By the time I was in my mid 40’s my desire to workout was gone. I knew in my mind that I still needed it but when I was not busy I just wanted to watch TV or get on the internet. I kept exercising, but the bare minimum. It was all I could do to get in twice per week.

Now I’m in my early 50’s and not much has changed. I still have no desire to do it, but on the days I get one in I feel so much better. I get a lot of achy muscles in my neck, shoulders and back and when I exercise I feel much better. Sadly this is probably the only thing keeping me doing as little as I do.

In November last year I purchased a new workout program. It was marked down for the holidays so I bought it then and planned to start in January. Well now it is February and I have not started it yet. I am still going to and I am hoping this is just the thing to get me motivated again, something new and different.

I don’t want to fall apart in my 60’s because I let myself go in my 50’s.  I want to live a long and healthy life.

So where has the motivation I once had gone? Well, maybe it is partly the hormonal changes we women go through, and partly the influence of facebook, instagram and twitter. I think all of these social media sites are great to a degree but I also think we can get lazy because of them. We sit too long in front of our laptops or phones when we should be out taking a walk or being active.

My main goal for the year is to have more balance in my life. I want to limit my time online and be more productive and more active. How do you stay motivated and active in your life?

Motivation comes from within


Spiritual Battle in Washington

When I watched the State of the Union Address I was impressed. I am continually amazed at the kind of President Donald Trump has become. He was not my first choice for President in 2016 but he is proving that he means what he says and he truly seems to want what is best for America.

While watching the SOTU and noticing the Democrats who would not stand or even clap, even on issues they support, I was struck by what a spiritual battle this is. Of course most of us know this is a spiritual battle but when watching two sides in one room like that it was like watching the battle live.

How else can you describe how the majority of Democrats would not even clap when the President talked about immigration and the deal he made with them on DACA? As the President stated neither side got exactly what they wanted but both sides had to give a little for the good of the country. Yet when you watch the Democrats while he talked about this you would think that he said he is deporting them all tomorrow.

When the President talked about tax reform and how it is helping small businesses and workers, and more businesses investing in America many Democrats stayed seated and couldn’t be bothered to clap. Do they really love America? Do they really want what is best for America?

The Democrats did not even looked pleased when he talked about how the unemployment rates are historically lower among blacks and hispanics.

President Trump supports the military, veterans, small businesses, protecting religious liberty, protecting the unborn, better healthcare, legal immigration, putting Americans first, fair trade, lower prescription drugs and more. The more the President talked about positive, bipartisan goals the more uncomfortable the Democrats looked. It’s as if their dislike of this man being President is more important to them than doing what is best for the American people.

How can there be so much hate towards him when he wants what is best for our country? Because this is a spiritual battle that’s how. It may be too late for most of the Democrats in Washington but we need to pray that the people who vote Democrat will open their eyes and see the truth.


I’m taking a risk here by talking about this, but I have thoughts and they need to come out. I’m not trying to start an argument or even a debate, but I welcome comments. Please keep it civil or your comments will be removed. Thank you in advance.

Thank you meme

I have never been a racist. Now I know what some of you are thinking, that is exactly what a racist would say, but it’s true. I have always believed that we are all created equal by God.

I grew up in the Midwest in mostly white towns and neighborhoods, but I always made friends with minorities. I didn’t view them as different, but I was aware that many people did and that made me feel sorry for them and want to be nice to them even more. I wanted them to realize that not all white people are like that.

When I moved out on my own and started working in the city I had a lot of coworkers and bosses who were minorities. I even dated a couple of black guys who were also coworkers. When I started going to church in my mid 20’s it was probably about 3/4 white and 1/4 minorities.

Now I live in Texas and have for many years and am exposed to a lot of minorities. Churches we have gone to here are usually about 50/50 when it comes to whites and minorities. I have had several black friends but none that I’ve been super close to or would call my best friends. I say all of this to show you what my experience is with minorities, mostly black people.

It seems to me that people have become more and more divided over the past decade. Not only that but more and more black people are protesting and crying racism. Some were not even wanting to celebrate Independence Day because they said they are ashamed of their country. Really? Are things truly that bad? This is hard for me to understand. It seems to me that things have gotten better over the last 50 years.

As a white woman I would just like to explain how I see things. I see more and more men and women of color getting modeling and acting jobs, becoming Mayors, Governors, Congressman and Senators, high paid athletes, CEO’s, business owners, college professors and more.

So when I see people like Jada Pinkett Smith complaining about not enough blacks on the Oscar nominations I have a hard time taking that seriously. There are black actors who have gotten nominated numerous times and won awards as well; Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Jamie Foxx, James Earl Jones, Don Cheadle and Idris Elba to name a few.

Could there be more people of color getting nominations? Of course, but there are a lot of white actors who have never won awards as well. You don’t see them protesting.  There are A LOT of actors, but only so many can be nominated and even fewer win. I think Jada was fighting the wrong fight. Maybe not enough black actors get the roles they deserve. But I have to be honest here, I don’t think her husband is a very good actor. He’s okay but not that impressive. The list of names above are all better actors than Wil Smith. Just sayin.

And what about the take a knee protest? This also seems like nonsense to me. We honor the flag for those who fight for our freedoms and what this country stands for. So in my opinion when you take a knee you are not honoring those who fought for your freedoms in America. Is this country perfect? Of course not, but perhaps these people who think it is so terrible here should visit other countries and see if they still feel the same way.

Why do so many protests by minorities turn violent? When violence is added to a protest it is no longer a protest but a riot. Do they really think this will help their cause? It only makes them look bad and most people no longer want to hear anything they have to say. They lose their credibility when they incite violence.

There have been stories in the media about cops mistreating blacks and I am sure that some of this goes on, but sometimes what I see is black people who show no respect for police officers. Some argue and yell at police and then wonder why the cops get violent with them. Put yourself in their shoes. They don’t know if you have a weapon and what is in your head. If you are showing anger towards them then you might try to harm them. They have to try to stop things from getting worse. They are there to serve and protect so they should be shown respect instead of argued with and yelled at.

peace begins in my heart

I am not saying that I am right or wrong but just sharing my point of view, as a white person. I think many white people see what I see and we do not understand all of the protesting.

The Things We Do For Family

Sometimes we surprise ourselves at what we will do for those we love. Even better when we surprise our loved ones by what we will do for them.

I am not an animal lover per se, but I am not an animal hater either. I’m just one of those people who would choose not to have a pet. I have two children and a husband so I do not really need one more living thing to take care of.

Five years ago we decided to get a dog for the girls. Our intention was to get it for our youngest child who has health and social issues. However, the dog immediately bonded with our older daughter. This dog was really a good fit for our family.


My girls were surprised at how I would play with the dog and take her on walks when they were too busy. I love that. They think they know me and I blow their little minds!



Last year I told my younger daughter that we should get her a dog that is hers. She couldn’t believe it. She never thought we would have even one dog and now I’m suggesting that we get another. Yeah, anyone who knows me knows that is YUGE! Again, if it were up to me I wouldn’t have a pet, but the girls are both animal lovers and I really think it will be good for my younger daughter.

So right now we are shopping for another dog. Praying that we get another one that is perfect for our family. Yes, I actually do pray about this. A pet is a big deal, especially for me, so I want one that is a good fit for us.




Girls Trip, December 2017

In mid December I flew to Cincinnati airport to meet my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for a mini vacation together to see the life-sized Noah’s Ark and Creation Museum. I have wanted to see the Creation Museum for many years, and once I heard about the Ark being built I knew I had to get there. If you have never been I highly recommend them both. They recommend one full day for the Ark and two full days for the Creation Museum and that is exactly what we did. Both are so well done, you will not be disappointed.



To see the Ark up close was amazing. It is the size of the original Ark in the Bible so you really get a feel for what it was like. To think about Noah and his family in there with all of those animals is really incredible. Those women deserve an extra crown for that. I’m not sure how well I would have handled it. My husband says if I had been on the Ark we would have fewer animal species today. He is probably right!

Look at this thing up close! It truly is mind blowing that Noah’s family built an Ark this size.


Yeah, we look pretty small next to this grandiose vessel.


That’s me and my mother-in-law. I like to keep it classy when taking pics.

Inside is beautiful and amazing, but also practical and well thought out. They show animals that would have been on the Ark and possible ways they would be fed and cared for. Here are just a few. They estimated that each family member would feed and care for 85 animals per day. Can you imagine!




Just a few animals. We took too many pics to put them all here. They were very real looking though.

Noah talked and the bird on the desk moved its head the whole time. Very well done.


Noah and the dove.


The world is deceived.


One of the 7 D’s of Deception.


On to The Creation Museum.


Adam and the animals.



Adam and Eve.


God’s Word.


Methuselah. He talked and moved as well.


Noah and one of his sons building the Ark.




Outside was decorated for Christmas and it was beautiful. These pics do not do it justice as these are from my phone. Here are just a few.




It was difficult to decide which pictures to include in this post. I tried to choose those that might pique your interest. We didn’t have a lot of time to do other sightseeing but we just stumbled on this spot by the Ohio River. I bet it is beautiful in the summer and fall.


We were on the Kentucky side of the river, but on the other side is Ohio.


We kept seeing a lot of these white trees.

I hope you enjoyed your peek into the Ark and Creation Museum. Hopefully you will one day be able to visit it for yourself.

Happy New Year 2018

Another year has passed and is in the history books. When a new year is beginning do you make new year’s resolutions? I always do, but I like to call them goals because that is what they are. We should always be setting new goals, or renewing old ones, each year. If you want to grow and change and achieve more then you need to be setting goals.

There is something about a new year starting that gets me excited about setting goals and striving to achieve them. I want to look at the good, the bad and the ugly of the past year and strive to be better.

New beginning

This year I have a few repeat goals but also a few new ones. Some people feel if they had a goal last year to lose weight and they failed to lose even one pound then they do not want to make that another goal for the new year. I disagree, I think we keep adding it to our goals until we no longer feel we need to lose that weight. A new year might give us the determination we need to meet that goal.

I am a person who likes to make lists and check things off. It helps me to be organized and there is great satisfaction in checking things off when they are done. When I pack for a trip I make a list of things to pack and check them off once they are in the suitcase, and when packing to return home I check them again to be sure I didn’t forget anything. Admittedly I don’t like it when I make a to-do list and things go unchecked for days or even weeks sometimes, but I have learned that this is okay. It is better to have a plan or a goal than to not plan at all and accomplish nothing. So if I have a yearly goal that never gets met I do not let it bother me. I may feel disappointed that I’m still working on it but I don’t let it get me down.

keep moving forward

My goals for this year are as follows.

  1. Stick to the low-carb diet I started in October 2017.
  2. Lose 9 more pounds.
  3. Write daily. Not necessarily blog daily but write daily.
  4. Blog 1-2 times weekly.
  5. Make more time for daily reading.
  6. Exercise more.
  7. Spend less money.

What are you goals for the new year? I’d love to hear them.